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In 2010 the Cayman Islands National Weather Service was created.The National Weather Service Law was passed into law giving the National Weather Service the authority to issue weather warnings for the Cayman Islands

2016 Meteorological Office Staff

  • Mr. John Tibbetts — Director General
  • Mr. Kerry Powery — Chief Meteorologist
  • Mr. Avalon Porter — Meteorologist I
  • Mr. Gilbert Miller — Meteorologist I
  • Mr. Allan Ebanks — Meteorologist II
  • Mr. Shamal Clarke — Meteorologist II
  • Mr. Winston Gall — Meteorological Officer III
  • Mr. Floyd Webb — Meteorological Officer III
  • Mr. Limardo Scott — Meteorological Officer IV
  • Mr. Joel Rivers — Meteorological Officer IV
  • Mr. David Thompson — Meteorological Officer IV Trainee
  • Mrs. Shakira Gregory — Administrative Manager
  • Mr. Michael Carey — Technical Engineer

Cayman Brac AIS/MET staff (CIAA staff providing weather duties)

  • Genista Parchment; AIS/MET officer
  • Darren Connolly; AIS/MET officer
  • Franceska Scott; AIS/MET officer
  • Emilio Rich; AIS/MET officer
  • Kristy McLean; AIS/MET officer

The National Weather Service Staff