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Video Archive

  • HMCI Hurricane Tabletop Exercise

    We take a look at how seriously Hazard Management Cayman Islands takes being prepared for hurricane season. Discover how the various entities come together to try out scenarios and ensure they have their preparation plans, programmes and gear in readiness should hurricanes affect the Islands this season.

  • Caribbean Meteorological Council 50

    Meteorology experts and government officials from across the Caribbean met in Cayman for the 50th session of the Caribbean Meteorological Council (CMC) last week. GIS Spotlight was there to interview weather specialists on their role in future planning.

    Find outhow governments can tap their knowledge to prepare the region for climate change and other extreme weather events.

  • Climate Change Weather Expectations

    We pay local weather guru Dr. Fred Sambula a visit. Hear him explain the delicate nature of our climate system and find out what a hurricane needs to pack a punch.

  • Climate Change Workshop

    Stop in on the Department of Environment's latest climate change workshop. See how meteorologists receive hands-on training in using region-specific weather models to predict the effects of climate change on Caribbean countries.

    We'll ask the experts to explain why weather models are important, how they can help us plan for the future and why governments should pay attention to data delivered through these prediction models.