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  • 84o F Feels Like 96o F
  • Rainfall Accumulated 0 mm
  • Wind Speed 5.8 knots
  • Wind Direction E
  • Humidity 85%
  • Pressure 1013 millibars
Today's Forecast As of 8 Aug 2022 4:45 PM
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
Min 77o F | Max 87o F
  • Partly Cloudy
    Partly Cloudy
    Min 77o F | Max 87o F
06:05 18:56
  • East to northeast at 10 to 15 knots.

  • Slight to moderate with a wave height of 2 to 4 feet.

American Cooperative Upper Air Station

During the early 1950’s the Eastern coast of the United States was hit by a number of hurricanes causing extensive damage and loss of lives. In response the United States funded the formation of 16 upper-air/weather stations in the Caribbean for early detection and warning, one such office was established in Grand Cayman.

The initial survey and the Cooperative Hurricane Upper Air Station were installed in Grand Cayman in early 1959. It was desired that the services would be run by local personnel, however in Cayman’s case this was not possible as most of the men were seamen by trade. The United States therefore obtained a number of officers to run the station from Trinidad and Tobago, who were replaced by local women.

On 13th April 1976 agreement signed between Agencies of the United States of America and the Cayman Islands Government to jointly run the upper-air station, hence the name cooperative upper-air station.

American Cooperative Upper Air Station Staff

  • Mr. Sandy Middleton
  • Mr. Jim Harding
  • Mr. Dick Baker -1962
  • Mr. Larry Pfeiffer 1962-1964
  • Mr. Frank Roulstone 1964-1988
  • Ms. Florence Thompson 1988-1993

Other staff members

  • Alice Ebanks (Anderson)
  • Lillymae Jackson (Bodden)
  • Elizabeth Glidden
  • Sharon Ebanks
  • Kadie Ebanks
  • Gladwyn Ebanks
  • Annie Rose McFarlin
  • Helen Thompson
  • Linda Brown
  • Gilda Panton
  • Etchard McLaughlin
  • Charlene Bodden

American Cooperative Upper Air Station